Product Overview

CIS system, based on integrated and highly effective application support platform, provides different managerial layer covering headquarter, provincial networks, cities and grassroots, completely containing solutions and products for all specialized fields of CIS management,

providing powerful technique support for power enterprises in power charge management optimization, customer service quality enhancement, CIS business streamlining realization and electric power CIS delicacy management realization.

CIS Business Framework

Product Feature Highlights

Major Business Area

1. Service order
  • Support business type:

    Application for supply (including temporary)

    Change of load

    Temporary disconnection / substitution of transformer


    Change supply voltage / tariff type

  • Fully integrated with call center.
  • Configurable workflow driven engine.
  • Online power supply design diagram graphical tools.
  • Automated reminders based on supply rules.
  • Online status via wireless application
2. Contract management
  • Manage the process of the contract, confirmation, alternation, termination, cancel, etc.
  • Provide contract document template
  • Automatic business data import into contract document (e.g. address, tariff)
  • Message automatically alarm when the contract is at term
3. Meter reading management
  • Plan metering route, meter reading schedule.
  • Assign meter reading person, meter reading device and measure meter reader performance.
  • Support outsourcing or in-house meter reading.
  • Audit and management of abnormal meter reading.
  • Support various reading types, such as manual, hand-held terminals, PDA, AMR.
  • Interface with load management system (commercial & industrial).
  • Flexible reading cycle (e.g. weekly, monthly, bi-monthly).
4. Billing
  • Include rating & pricing, charging, bill production and distribution
  • Rating & Pricing
    • Provide one central repository of all pricing rules, service characteristics and marketing offers
    • A flexible pricing structure to accommodate rates, fees, surcharges, taxes, adjustment clauses, step method.
    • Powerful adaptability and expansibility, such as special negotiated service contracts
    • Tariff version management
  • Charging
    • Support of cycle driven, date driven and event driven billing schedules.
    • Provide charging workflow engine, charging rule engine
    • Provide rules and algorithms library
    • Abnormal charging scheduled by  rules
  • Bill production and distribution
    • The acceptance of single or multiple bill print files.
    • Support complex customer hierarchy.
    • Support batch printing.
    • Distribution by Post, Email, Fax etc.
5. Account settlement
  • Full Account Receivable functionality.
  • Double-entry bookkeeping (debit, credit)
  • Vouchers, receipts and notes number tracking.
  • Vouchers types include transfer, gathering and payment vouchers.
  • Account checking, provide trial balance.
  • Returned check and refunds processing.
  • Analyze age of the customer’s debt.
  • Provide multiple financial reports.
  • Interface with financial system, provide receivable and revenue information on a regular basis (daily, monthly, bi-monthly).
6. Utility payment office
  • Facilitation of payment at power company branch.
  • Payment by cash, cheque, bill, payment in kind etc.
  • Partial payment and prepayment.
  • Late fee calculation and charging.
  • Payment settlement using different payment methods and for several entities of a large customer. (e.g., corporate, office, branch)
7. Payment agent
  • Facilitation of payment at other locations.
  • Provide various payment agents
    • Bank
    • Post
    • Supermarket
  • Support  multiple payment services
    • Counter Service
    • Bank transfer
    • Credit card transfer
    • Phone
    • ATM
    • Support payment-in part, payment-in full and prepayment model
8. Credit & Collection
  • Flexible credit scoring method for customer evaluation and segmentation
  • Debt age calculation and reporting
  • Alert call center (CS) of overdue accounts
  • Configurable reminders to CS representative
  • Set up rules for disconnection (debt and debt age)
  • Assigns collectors to visit large debt customers
  • Provide debt age analysis based on customer segments.
  • Send a message for manual disconnection when required.
9. Meter and equipment management
  • Support holistic model of asset management
    • Meter
    • TV, TA
    • Load control terminal
    • Measuring tank
    • Sealing stamp
    • Standard  Instruments
    • IC card, SIM card
  • Lifecycle management.
  • Fully integrated with various external equipment system, such as test instrument, bar-coding system.


1. Constantly monitor the data to locate fraud and misuse of service
  • Searching for abnormal readings indicating possible fraud
  • Commercial registered as residential
  • Record and monitor customers with known past fraud
  • Compare customer data to industry average to locate exceptions

2. Safe operation consulting management.

3. Provide graphical tools to manage customer wiring diagram visually and simply.

Successful Cases

1. Zhejiang Electric Power Company – The project, which includes CIS, was finished in Aug. 2003 that covered the whole province (11cities, 67counties, 18 millions power customers). State Grid Corporation of China considered that Zhejiang Electric Power Company has taken the lead in realizing the CIS system in five levels (provincial, city, county, supply station, and customer) in China. Cover all customers in Zhejiang Province,Support advanced technology support for operation & management and customer service of Grid Corporation. This project got the 2nd prize of 2004 Science and Technology Advancement Award, awarded by State Grid Corporation of China.

2. Shanghai Electric Power Company – The project was finished in June 2003. It covers Shanghai Electric Power company, 3 supply companies,13 supply bureaus, and 50 service offices with B/S 3-Tier, Data-centralized, and more than 7 million power customers. The number of concurrent Users is 2500 for Maximum while the system charges transactions 500,000 within 1 day.Shanghai Electric Power Company considered that Longshine has successfully carried out the mission to build a new system of data-centralized, unified business standard and unified performance standard. With the new CIS, Shanghai Electric Power Co. covers whole business for marketing & customer services, handles the business with unified service standard, unified business standard and unified performance standard, improve customer service quality and enterprise management level. The new system can provide all kinds of aggregated & analysis datum to manager in real time for understanding business operation and making decision Longshine got the 2nd prize of Science and Technology Advancement Award, awarded by Science & Technology Department of Shanghai in March 2004.

3. Earned 1st place of CIS for China Power Utility Application Solution Study 2003-2008 by IDC Group.

4. No. 1 market share in China power utility CIS, Leadership in power utility CIS market.

5. Invited and participated in formulation of power utility CIS technical standards.

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