Product Overview

Longshine Billing system, based on modern advanced computer and communication technology, provides meter reading route management, meter reading data acquisition, meter reading data abnormality checking, flexible tariff management, postpaid, prepaid and hybrid billing schemes, power charge error management, power quantity and charge checking, multichannel payment management,

account management, overdue calls and real-time balance monitoring integration solutions, helping electric power enterprises improve services through various ways, expand electric power consumer market, reduce operation and maintenance cost, enhance power charge risk control capacity and create better social and economic efficiency.

Function Framework

Product Feature Highlights

1.Flexible tariff model
  • Periodic and seasonal tariff model
  • Peak / off peak time pricing, leading part peak loads down to off peak.
  • Multistep pricing mode.
  • Real-time dynamic pricing mode. Combining relations between supply and demand on market, system can meet the billing demands based on day tariff and even hour tariff.
  • Discounts for low-income customers and other discounts arithmetic.
2.Real-time balance monitoring and risk control
  • Set several alerting thresholds, stimulate customer’s energy saving awareness, promote power charge risk control capacity, and strengthen interactions with customer.
  • Conduct real-time balance calculation after prepaid customers’ reloading.
  • For customers whose real-time balance has reached thresholds, conduct corresponding real-time remote disconnection or reconnection to reduce manual intervention and promote working efficiency.
3.Prepaid/postpaid/hybrid billing
  • Flexible exchange between prepaid and postpaid.
  • Unified billing engine for hybrid billing.
  • Highly effective integration of system sources.
4.Superior billing performance and system scalability
  • High-performance billing engine supporting tens and even hundreds of millions of users. Already used for about 130 millions users.
  • Fast and flexible configuration for new billing rules.
5.Flexible integration with existing systems
  • With CIS/CRM, be convenient for customer data synchronization, etc.
  • With MDCS/MDMS, acquiring meter reading data.
6.Streamlining and automation
  • Streamlining interworking process across departments and positions, which is conducive to professional labor division and cooperation, can promote working quality and efficiency. System can flexibly formulate streamline for various business procedures. E.g. meter reading billing, refund, disconnection and reconnection.
  • Automatic batch data processing that can greatly promote working efficiency and reduce errors. E.g. automatic meter reading data acquisition, automatic meter reading data checking, automatic power quantity and charge calculation, automatic remote disconnection and reconnection.


1.Help the customers transform from postpaid to prepaid and support the flexible switch between postpaid and prepaid accounts. Prepaid implementation can reduce power charge reclamation risk of enterprises effectively, support the promotion activities for prepaid customers, as well as increase prepaid customers’ belongingness and satisfaction in an efficient way.

2.Provide real-time billing capability. Real-time balance monitoring helps electric power enterprises increase their capability of risk control.

3.Offer automatic refund reminding, remote disconnection and reconnection which improve work efficiency and reduce labor cost efficiently.

4.Meet the requirements of flexibility and high-performance in the Smart Grid Time while supporting traditional billing business. With the support of intelligent calculation and communication technology, electric power enterprises have to establish and publish real-time tariff according to power supply and demand relations as well as the clean energy rate of power supply so as to use price leverage to adjust customer demand to make electric power load demand idealized, which puts forward a great challenge to tradition billing. Longshine Billing contributes to power enterprises to deal with dynamic real-time tariff in a totally new mode.

Successful Cases

Depending on powerful functionalities, excellent performance and flexibility, Longshine Billing System keeps safe, stable and effective, which benefits electric power enterprises, receives favorable comments from trade union unanimously, get trust from customers and has a good fame reputation. Longshine provides billing to State Grid which is the largest electric power enterprise in China to support over 130 million consumption terminals.

Part of the success cases:

  • TianJing Electric Power Company
  • HeBei Electric Power Company
  • ShanDong Electric Power Company
  • ZheJiang Electric Power Company
  • HuBei Electric Power Company
  • QingHai Electric Power Company
  • GanSu Electric Power Company
  • FuJian Electric Power Company
  • ShangHai Electric Power Company
  • JiLin Electric Power Company
  • ShanXi Electric Power Company
  • ShangHai Electric Power Company

About Longshine

Longshine Technology is leading technology and services providers in Smart Grid and New Energy era.

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