Product Focus

1. Realize real-time collection and monitoring of information about power purchasing, supply and vending.

2. Provide accurate and timely data information, improve asset management and power grid operation.

3. Connect electric power users with power grid, to strengthen users’ initiative and proactive participation in power grid operation.

4. Real-time monitoring and control of distributed generation and energy storage devices around consumers.

5. Support mass data storage, provide high-quality data supporting and promote further using of collected data effectively.

Product Introduction

This product is a cohesive real-time data collection and analysis processing system which integrates technology on modern digital communication, computer soft hardware, intelligence judgment of abnormal power consumption alerting, power energy metering, power load control and electric power CIS system. Considering mobile communication network, 230MHz wireless, public phone network,

and optical fibre network as the carrier, realizing data communication between master station and field terminals by several communication modes. It has functionalities of data collection, remote control, abnormal consumption alert, power quality monitoring, line loss analysis, non-power voltage management and load monitoring management, etc.

Product Feature

1. Hardware Openness

Add hardware devices as system work station, power meter, and concentrator by system configuration, in order to meet the requirements of extending system scale and improving system performance, and protect return on investment for consumers.

2. Software Openness

System has Service Adapter and support interfaces in accordance with State Grid data collection standard, global UDDI standard to exchange data with peripheral system.

3. Large support for communication protocol

Support many kinds of global power meter communication protocols as State Grid protocol, South Grid protocol, departmental standard protocol, provinces private protocol, Australian EDMI meter private protocol and IEC62056 protocol.

4. Excellent data storage management capability

Ensure data storage and utilization factor maximization by distributed data storage technique, configurable data storage planning technique and data compression storage technique.

5. Excellent data management capability

Ensure the complementation and reliability of collected data by providing excellent data collection VEE (Verify Estimate Edit).

6. Excellent power grid management functionality

Realize accurate location of collection net devices fault and alerting by complicated events processing technique, real-time monitoring technique and GIS application technique.

Application Effect

Figure1.Real-time online monitoring of terminal status, present alerting situation of terminals while online, offline and abnormal.

Figure2.By great management functionality of VEE, promote collection success rate, as well as improve data completeness and reliability.

Figure3.Synchronize master station meter readings with peripheral system document data.

Figure4.Users inquire about various collected data from self-service terminals, expand collected data application, and improve customer service level.

Product Functionality

1. Data collection: Provide functionalities as communication management, protocol management, terminal collection point management, data collection, assistant management, operation management, etc.

2. Remote Control: Provide functionalities on control of power formulation, power energy quantity formulation, rate formulation and remote control

3. Data collection Management: Provide functionalities as data validation, data estimating, data edit, data audit, data version management, data publishing, data VEE report, etc.

4. Comprehensive application: Provide comprehensive application based on collected data, including power quantity statistics operation, line loss analysis, power quantity monitoring, load analysis, intelligent power consumption, demand side management, etc.

5. Operation & Maintenance management: Provide system time synchronization, authority password management, collection terminal insert management, document management, communication& route management, operation status management, maintenance and fault record, reporting management, etc.

Successful Cases

1. Zhejiang electric power company - consumption field service and management system. Using public mobile communication network as a carrier, achieve data communication between system master station and field terminals through several ways as GPRS, GSM network SMS. It has functionalities on remote meter reading, abnormal consumption alerting, power quality checking, as well as ordered power consumption, load analysis prediction, users’ consumption monitoring and statistics analysis, etc.

2. Fuzhou - low voltage client smart collection system. The system provided efficient collection net management capability and improved level of management on Smart power consumption.

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