Product Focus

Mobility work navigating era trends:

1. mobile aid repairing

2. mobile charge control

3. mobile metering

4. mobile business

5. mobile electro-examine

6. mobile general survey

Brief Introduction

This solution is based on PDA, smart mobile phone, tablet computer and various intelligence mobility terminals, using 3G communication, GPS navigation technology, realizing power CIS mobility work, effectively taking services and management to the customers'site,

through mobility working mode for whatever place, time and equipment, to strengthen business consistency and high efficiency, promoting site working quality and efficiency, enhancing enterprises service images.

Product features

1. Ubiquitous new work mode. Realizing to transmit CIS system and intelligence terminal data timely, effectively, accurately as well as quick emergency response.

2. Support multi-operating systems and cross platforms, support Window CE/Window Mobile, Android, iOS and other main trend operating system.

3. Support online + offline mode, when mobility terminal is at online state, can finish data uploading, downloading. During the site working, operation can be done while offline. When it regains the online conditions,

offline working data can be synchronized with service terminal.

4. Good scalability. Based on service scalable and flexible platform design idea, to unitive insert and manage the mobility equipment, support mobility work flexible expansion of modularity and modulating, can expand to CIS business.

5. High efficiency, promote customer service quality, through mobility new work mode, accelerating data transmitting rate, promoting working efficiency, to enhance customer service satisfaction.

Application effect

intelligence mobility electro-examine application

intelligence mobility charge control application

intelligence mobility metering application

intelligence mobility charging application

Product functionality

intelligence mobility charging application

1. Intelligence mobility management platform: It can realize not only mobility work centralized management, but also can flexibly expand other mobility works in accordance with power enterprises’ needs on mobility work development.

2. One stop business expansion: It provides one-stop site services as mobility business acceptance, survey, business charging, and functionalities like completion acceptance, terminal debugging, installation data type-in, etc.

3. Online electro-examine: Provide functionalities like site work management, default usage and power theft management, customer power usage event data management and customer equipment missing data management, etc. it will initially conduct events alerting, based on GPS positioning and navigation, conveniently for examiner’s site work.

4. Field meter readings: It utilizes mobility application real-time data interaction to conduct Field meter readings, meter readings revalidation, printing power charge notification letter and meter readings sequence adjustment.

5. Mobility charging: To acquire real-time delinquency data through mobility application, conducting power charge collection, recipe printing, and by swiping card via POS machine for payment.

6. Metering automation: Based on power CIS application, using intelligence terminal to conduct equipment stock material movement, taking and matching, installation, equipment ,equipment installation recheck, terminal debugging, equipment detachment, equipment cancellation after verification, metering survey, etc, promoting metering efficiency.

7. Field charge control: To realize functionalities like smart meter parameter issue, smart meter remote electric purchase, installation and debugging, control and execution, site monitoring, etc.

8. Intelligence aid repair: Knowing assigned events aid repairing, and get to the site timely, using the handset intelligence terminal positioning functionality to real-time monitor aid repairing source state, allocating sources, promoting working efficiency.

9. Mobility work: All ranking Directors can, through smart phone and tablet computer, to examine, approve and handle business whenever and wherever possible, checking company operation trends.

10. Handheld inspection: Using handheld terminals to acquire inspection events data, analyze inspection monitoring, realizing the interactions between site inspections and company inspection monitoring system.

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