Product Focus

1. Take up with defeating the information Islands between operation and production distribution department to realize internal data highly shared and connected business in enterprises.

2. Endeavor in realizing quick reply on business demand with trans-department and tans-specialty.

3. Hammer at graphic the whole progress of real-time monitoring of operation and distribution sources.

Product Introduction

In use of intuitive electro-map, uniform GIS platform and data sharing, the solution carries out distribution planning management, operation sources visualization presentation, progress integrated, intelligence aid repair management, management of utilization quality and energy efficiency, analysis of power quality and capability, mobile applications,

outage visualization and line loss elaboration management, as well as build up collaborative service framework and improve client service capability by real-time information accessing as operation application, automatic dispatch, safe production, utilization information collection, GIS platform, etc.

Product Feature

1. Completed GIS application solution. Designed according to operation GIS application standard, it builds up data collection from power grid devices, validation and correct to GIS- based visualization and special subject analysis in a reliable and completed way. It provides integrated solution based on GIS application.

2. Uniform model design. According to CIM standard, it build up an integrated uniform data sharing model with client information, distribution sources and space information.

3. Open scalable GIS application platform. According to State Grid GIS platform standard, it creates service elements

based on GIS and builds up a set of completed, systematic, scientific, applied applications based on GIS. Flexible customized GIS platform functionalities in accordance with demand by building the scalable WEBGIS platform.

4. Hyperspace analysis and measurement. Support hyperspace analysis functionalities and assist operators to measure distance, plane and angle as well as to accurately analyze power grid information as fault density, load density, etc.

Application Effects (solutions to Focus)

Figure1 and Figure2. Field staff do positioning on map before field investigation, analyzing power supply capacity for customer surrounding area,

assisting the generation of power supply solutions; synchronizes the commissioning information to production system to conduct GIS layout.



Figure3. Real-time line loss abnormal alerting

Figure4. real-time line loss display

Figure5 and Figure6. Guide customers and provide good services, leading customers to self-service area, or nearby available business lobby, payment counter for

business processing, reducing the time customers in waiting for business transaction, promoting working efficiency.

Figure 5

Figure 6

Product Functionality

1. Visualization demonstration. Through electrical map, to conduct audio-visual demonstration for CIS sources, realizing sources optimization usage.

2. Faults aid repair management. Through electrical map to conduct faults analysis, site monitoring, sources coordination, promoting services.

3. Streamline integration and optimization. Through electric map to display, integrating relevant production and CIS information, enhancing the response speed to customers’ needs, optimizing grid source allocation.

4. Power supply quality and capacity analysis. To analyze substation, power line, and public transformer’s power supply capacity; analyze users’ disconnection information; analyze power usage voltage deviation, frequency deviation, grid harmonic wave, three phase unbalance, voltage fluctuation and transfer, temporary overvoltage and transient overvoltage and other power usage information.

5. Line loss elaboration management. Using the advantage of GIS visualization display, graphically display sub transform, sub line, sub voltage, substation line lost and plan index completion performance.

6. Disconnection visualization management. Using the advantage of GIS visualization display, graphically display sequential power usage solution execution process, power guarantee area, disconnection impact coverage and analyze the impact details.

7. Mobility application. By using mobility

terminals, to conduct real-time display faults aid repair, site work situation, customer overall information and leader view, can use mobility terminals to complete site inspection, site investigation, site meter reading and site aid repair.

8. GIS spacial data acquisition. Through GPS collection equipment to acquire low voltage line, station, batch meter coordinate, and check metering point and station congruent relationship, batch meter equipment and batch meter relationship, etc.

9. Distribution planning management. Distribution planning mainly contains data acquisition, distribution state analysis, load prediction, economic comments, substation site selection, etc.

10. Special subject picture application. Through special subject picture automatic generation and management, based on graphical layering data demonstration and graphical senior application, e.g. Load analysis, power supply analysis, fault point analysis, accustomed power supply analysis, switch settling, hangtag management, etc.

11. Senior application. Based on GIS platform, it conduct faults density analysis, load density analysis, power usage abnormity analysis, customer energy efficiency analysis, power supply area value analysis, disconnection imitation analysis, optimized 10KV distribution lines liaison setting analysis as well as other GIS senior application, providing information support for planning, production, CIS, etc.

Successful Cases

Power company of Zhejiang Province integrated CIS system. System realizes assist faults analysis, faults location quick positioning, dispatch aid repairing source rationally, and deliver real-time interaction during aid repairing.

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